Ionide-vim - Installation


  • Neovim or Vim 8.0+ - Python support is not required as of now. This may or may not change in the future.
  • .NET SDK - required to run FsAutoComplete
  • LanguageClient-neovim - LSP client used to communicate with FsAutoComplete
  • fzf (optional) -Optional dependency of LanguageClient-neovim, provides multi-entry selection UI

Getting Started

1. Install LanguageClient-neovim

Refer to their

2. Install Ionide-vim

Installing with your plugin manager

Plug 'ionide/Ionide-vim', {
      \ 'do':  'make fsautocomplete',
call dein#add('ionide/Ionide-vim', {
    \ 'build': 'make fsautocomplete',
    \ })

Installing manually

Clone Ionide-vim to some runtimepath and run make fsautocomplete.

Installing on Windows

Run install.cmd.