Ionide is an organization which builds high quality, cross platform developer tools for F#. Our flagship project is Ionide-VSCode - a Visual Studio Code plugin, with more than 1 million downloads, transforming VSCode into a fully-fledged F# IDE. But Ionide is more than just an editor plugin - we build a whole ecosystem of developer tools - from a documentation generator, to an F# LSP server, to experimental and innovative projects like F# Analyzers.

Our goals and motivations

We build cross platform, F# developer tooling

  • Provide cross platform, open source developer tooling for F#
  • Provide a high quality IDE experience
  • Innovate in the area of development tooling for F# / FP languages
  • Provide a set of opinionated tools that work well together
  • Focus on UX, everything should Just Work™
  • Contribute to the general F# OSS ecosystem