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Welcome to the Ionide Analyzers project.

Quick start

In its simplest form, running analyzers requires running the fsharp-analyzers tool and pass your *.fsproj and a folder that contains analyzers binaries.

# Create a new manifest if you don't have one
dotnet new tool-manifest

# Install the local tool
dotnet tool install fsharp-analyzers

# Execute the tool, run dotnet fsharp-analyzers --help for more options. 
dotnet fsharp-analyzers --project ./src/MyProject.fsproj --analyzers-path /var/some-folder

Of course, the --analyzers-path is a bit tricky. We need to download the binary and find them somehow.

You can add a NuGet reference to your project:

<PackageReference Include="Ionide.Analyzers" Version="0.1.1">
  <IncludeAssets>runtime; build; native; contentfiles; analyzers</IncludeAssets>

This will download the package to our local NuGet cache.
But how do we find that local path?

Starting dotnet 8 RC 2, we can evaluate an MSBuild property which NuGet restore creates for us.

dotnet build ./src/MyProject.fsproj --getProperty:PkgIonide_Analyzers

PkgIonide_Analyzers comes from the {projectName}.projectFileExtension.nuget.g.props file.

This can yield


And we can use that path to pass to the tool:

dotnet fsharp-analyzers --project ./src/MyProject.fsproj --analyzers-path C:\Users\username\.nuget\packages\ionide.analyzers\0.1.1


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