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How to contribute



Fork, from the github interface - if you don't use a certificate for commiting to github:

git clone
  • if you use a certificate for github authentication:
git clone

First time build:

cd ionide-vscode-fsharp
yarn install
dotnet restore
cd src
dotnet restore
cd ..
./  # or build.cmd if your OS is Windows

Everything is done via build.cmd \

  • build Build does a full-build, including package installation and copying some necessary files.
    It should always be done at least once after any clone/pull.
  • If a git dependency fail to build paket won't re-do it you can run their build scripts manually:
  • In paket-files\\fsharp\FsAutoComplete run build LocalRelease
  • In paket-files\\fsharp-editing\Forge run build Build
  • In VSCode two configurations are possible to run:
  • Use Build and Launch Extension
  • Start the Watch task and when a build is done start Launch Only

Working with FSAC

  1. Run build.cmd Build \ Build
  2. Open Ionide-vscode-fsharp in VSCode.
  3. Set devMode to true in src/Core/LanguageService.fs
  4. Open FSAC in VS
  5. Start FSAC.Suave in VS
  6. Press F5 in VSCode to build Ionide and start experimental instance